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Mobile Site Redesign

Posted 21-05-2015 at 18:38 by ben

The mobile site has long been the ugly brother of the main site, it was a simple drop in skin I picked up years ago and never bothered with since.

Well I had some time recently to dedicate to it and am happy to say it's had a new look and been brought all up to date

I've re factored all the images to make them as small as possible, stripped out un-needed CSS and Javascript and got it running as lightweight (whilst still looking nice) as possible

You even have the added benefits of mobile site tech, swipe right to bring out the menu bar (from any page) for quick access to your favourite sections!

I'd like to get attachments working on it, possibly in the next week or so - that way it can do pretty much everything that's needed from the desktop site - but in the mean time...


(Site should auto display for mobile devices, if it doesn't, simply go to to force it)