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All the minor and major updates that go on with the forum so that we don't require a new "Whats New" thread all the time.
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Members Motors Hall of Fame

Posted 19-04-2015 at 14:35 by ben

Seems I've had a busy little week, firstly we got the cool wall going which then gave me the idea for the MM leaderboard.

So I'm happy to announce that it's done

And here it is!

It's based on the "like count" for the first post in each Members Motors thread. So when making your threads, make sure it's the first post that is really interesting

At the moment, the top vehicle only has 16 likes - so there's plenty of opportunity for things to change (and knock the Classic Pandas out of most of the Top 25!)

So find the cars you like, and GET LIKING
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    Congrats to everyone that made the HOF!
    Posted 18-07-2016 at 16:35 by Fiat Bo Fiat Bo is offline
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    hello all
    Posted 15-04-2017 at 09:53 by admissionqadmissionq admissionqadmissionq is offline
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    congrat this cool..
    Posted 08-10-2017 at 15:06 by Derekekhoe Derekekhoe is offline
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    Posted 08-10-2017 at 15:13 by Derekekhoe Derekekhoe is offline
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    Posted 30-01-2021 at 03:51 by minion890 minion890 is offline