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All the minor and major updates that go on with the forum so that we don't require a new "Whats New" thread all the time.
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Behold - the Cool Wall!

Posted 16-04-2015 at 12:06 by ben

Yes hurrah and all that, we now keep the memory of Top Gear alive but announcing that we, the FIAT Forum, do now have our very own Cool Wall

It's pretty simple - you go to the new "Cool Wall Forum" ( - place your votes, then every 15 mins the wall automatically updates itself

The wall can be found here ->

And if you want to get your (or just any) model added, be sure to let us know on the suggestions thread here ->

For the moment, we'll just stick with FIATs, but in the future, we can think about adding anything

So - let me know what you think!
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