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All the minor and major updates that go on with the forum so that we don't require a new "Whats New" thread all the time.
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Chat now has rooms!

Posted 06-09-2013 at 05:38 by ben

Well - 1 - but it's early days

The chatbar now has an extra option "Chatrooms" - which takes you to the chat lobby. From here you can join a room which will allow chatting between everyone in it.

For now, there is just 1 - to see how it goes, but for future, we could have things like private rooms to discuss events planning, or hot topics or something like that.

REMEMBER THOUGH - Chat isn't to be used for asking questions about your car - they should be posted to the forums!

When we used to do this - we had a set time once a week to meet up in the room to talk, maybe we can start something like that again now - I'll post a thread up about that later
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    grimwau's Avatar
    Damn! why didn't I see this before posting in the "sites Ideas" thread. Trouble is I always check the threads I have responded to as a priority and any new ones later, lol.
    Posted 06-09-2013 at 07:03 by grimwau grimwau is offline
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    dave's Avatar
    chat what chat?
    Posted 20-03-2019 at 22:26 by dave dave is offline