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Bringing both of my MK1 Uno Turbo i.e. back to life.
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    An Introduction

    i feel for you dude, restoring cars can be such hard work and then some body goes and bins it for you. me and a friend were restoring his mini then some guy tried to do a u turn in front of us. all our hard work down the drain. good luck for you and your uno!!!!!!!
    Posted 26-05-2010 at 11:57 by brunotheuno brunotheuno is offline
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    An Introduction

    Go all the way.

    I realy like to overdo things sometimes. And by looking at your car i also sit in the same situation to restore my 1996 Uno Rio
    that gave me all the driving pleasure over the years. My current mission is to rebiuld the bulletproof 1100 engine into one seiously
    hard reving screamer. I just want to proof to some guys that you do not always have to abbandon a 1100 for a 1400turbo engine when you want to have a little fun. By fitting the right Lamco cam,H-rods, press fitted 1100 Suzuki Katana pistons, Suzuki Z1300 Carbs,high pressure fuel & electric oil pump with 500g removed from the flywheel you will hit the 11 to 12 000 rpm mark depending on the quality of fuel used. BEWARE FOR DETONATION!!

    Wiil post some picks of the project soon.
    Posted 24-12-2009 at 10:41 by gpetzer gpetzer is offline
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    back to singapore

    Don't know what you did, but on my visit everyone without exception were great, you mention Bangkok; beware rip off capital beware the Tuk Tuk
    Posted 18-03-2009 at 22:49 by Ship ahoy Ship ahoy is offline