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1999 T reg Fiat Barchetta blog. Info on all my mods and my day to day living with a 8 year old Barchetta.
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    Weekends work 10th June 07

    my 97 Barchy is in great condition and used all year round as a third car, however at 140000 km the driver seat is beggining to wear, any ideas as to where to get replacements ? also, have done about 60000 and eight years on this cambelt should it be changed ?
    Posted 23-08-2014 at 23:28 by martineastwood martineastwood is offline
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    docorangepeel's Avatar

    My Barchetta comes back from the mod shop.

    Nothing new to report at the mo as the Barchetta does not do rain. The B will be going back in for a stainless engine cover but thats about it for a few months as we are saving for our holiday.
    Posted 11-01-2008 at 01:10 by docorangepeel docorangepeel is offline
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    Brake upgrades

    can you please tell me how to remove the gear know off my barchetta to fit a new one, regards, Barry Chang
    Posted 13-08-2007 at 19:24 by bchang bchang is offline