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Making Words II
Making Words II
Making Words is back! This new version keeps the same addicting gameplay in which you have to make as much words as you can before the board is full and, at the same time, adds some new features like: - 100 Levels - 5 Power Tiles - Bonus words and more points for clearing the board - Functionality to save game Enjoy!
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Making Words II High Scores
# User Name Score Comment Time
Making Words II Champion!
02:19, 2nd May 2011
2 KrisPrince  207,118 
No Comment
12:51, 24th Aug 2011
3 blu73  7,137 
No Comment
01:29, 17th Jun 2012
4 garyskisplym  0 
No Comment
16:58, 17th Aug 2011
5 sh4dow  0 
No Comment
14:31, 16th Aug 2011

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