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Re: Coronavirus - The Thread :(

Aye Cinq, it's all about balance I think but I don't mind admitting I'm scared of catching it! I'm in my mid 70's and the thought of catching this scourge does frighten me, especially the thought of Long Covid if I were fortunate enough to survive the main event. However I'm much more frightened that my wife gets it as, whilst not a "sickly" person, her health is not as good as mine and she only just survived pneumonia a couple of years ago following a bout of Flue "A".

Notwithstanding these issues we've decided that we just have to live our lives so we go walks together, Mrs J still has her coffee mornings with her pals and I drop in on my garage pals for a cup of tea and a chat from time to time. We meet regularly with family members and childmind a couple of days a week on average. We wear masks in shops and anywhere else we feel appropriate - as is still legally required here in Scotland - but not when just walking down the street or on our walks.

We are retired so can minimize risks as we perceive them but those still in the world of work don't have that "luxury" - my boy's doing their supermarket delivery runs being a very good illustration - and also the world of work has to go on for the good of all and the country. I don't have the answer to this but, for sure, we have to get back to productive working especially considering the labour shortages - haulage drivers, horticultural workers, etc (lets leave the health and care sector out of this particular particular argument, sympathetic as I am to their plight).

I'm considerably less than impressed by the way the authorities have handled things and by the obscene amounts of money spent, quite some proportion of which seems to have been very poorly allocated. However I'm much more upset just now by the appalling events playing out in Afghanistan. Of course it's easy for me to criticize from my position as an outsider but our seemingly calous abandonment of people who have helped trying to bring a humane and reasonable standard of living to their fellow citizens and in the process reduce the risk of terrorism to us in the west is requiring me to find words I don't posses and fills me with a deep sadness.
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