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My 500 Abarth - Few Questions

Hi Everyone

I currently own a 2015 Abarth 500 in Campovolo Grey:

The car has straight pipes (no rear box, but has cat still), the BMC Filter and my mapping is on my Sport Button - So Sport mode is mapping requesting around 1.4 bar boost and non-sport is the stock file.

My only issue with the car is the way it drives... Because I also have one of these:

It has the same exhaust mod (no back box), stock intake / filter and its mapping is also requesting the same boost as the Abarths because as I understands from my tuner and the local dealer, its the same engine minus a few small changes to layout.

Only problem.... Its faster than my Abarth. And that f*cks me off.

I noted last year that the Abarth was surging so I sent it in to Fiat and a week later got it back running silky smooth (the tech couldn't figure it out but somehow fixed it). Now its surging again, and I see on the aftermarket mapping the boost gauge is only spiking at 1.2 (holding maybe 1 if lucky) and on the stock mapping its only managing 0.5-0.7 bar if I am lucky in all gears.... Plugs were changed in December by the dealer and car has 36 000km on it.

The Bravo runs away from it, its sharper, its mmmuuuucccchhh stronger.

Before I send the Abarth in again can someone confirm:

Max Stock Boost on a 500 Abarth
General Norm for Max Boost on a Mapped Abarth 500
If anyone has had surging issues with their 500 Abarth
If anyone has had intermittent boost issues with their 500 Abarth

My guess is a boost leak, but I can't hear it and the guys had the piping tested when they had the car in December - Also, I hate giving the dealer a modded car to diagnose, its just unfair to make it their expense but because the Abarth is still under factory service plan I don't have a choice! Just want to make sure I am not being extra and try help them figure out my need to chase numbers.

The Abarth still feels quick but you can feel the difference between the cars and on a private runway when you put the two against each other.

Thanks guys!

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