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Re: Abarth 500 -- 16s vs 17s?

Quote Originally Posted by stevenwrichards View Post
Just read that the Novitec 500A is running 7.5 inch wide rims with 215mm rubber.. got me thinking about running a staggered setup. I seem to remember a lot of Civic owners (EGs/EKs) running wider tires up front saying that it helped high speed balance, etc.

What about running 215/45s on 16x7.5s up front and 205/45s on 16x7s out back? Or would that just be a pain in the ass..
Wider tyres aren't really going to help you - balancing the tyre pressure can be more useful and Abarth have already done that for you. The rear of the car is using a lower (grippier) tyre pressure than the front to help keep the car stable. If you change the tyre spec then you will need to find a new balance as each tyre is slightly different but it is likely to be much the same - higher pressure at the front.

The other problem with wider tyres is loss of fine control over uneven surfaces, the car will tramline more easily and will tend to follow the camber of the road (or bumps) pulling the car left and right as it undulates.
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Re: Abarth 500 -- 16s vs 17s?

Quote Originally Posted by stevenwrichards View Post
Joseph 500: Thanks for the tips. I've seen the Team Dynamics rims, they look nice. I'd go with the Rally 1s.. seems like they are Speedline knockoffs (possibly lighter too)

DraigFlag87: Good to know about the Assetto Corse rims. They look amazing though.. any idea what they weigh? Who manufactures them?

Jimbro1000: I've looked around for tires a bit and it does seem like it's easier to find them for a 17x7 rim like you said. Any idea where I could find a sticky tire in 205/45 R16? Have been able to find Potenza RE-11s and the BFG g-Force T/A KDW 2 in that size.. Hoosier also makes some DOTs for track days (the A6 and R6 I believe). Personally I'd take the Potenzas.

Seems like everyone is kind of in agreement that the 17s are a bit for show even if they still perform well. I would love to know the total weight of the standard Abarth and Esseesse 17s. Any idea what it would come out too?

My ideal setup at the moment would be a set of 205/45 R16 Potenza RE-11s on 16x7 Speedline Type 2110 Challenges OR Type 2118 SCs (would love to go magnesium but I hear they are rather fragile).

I know these are heavy but I'm a sucker for rally rims, what can I say?
2118's are FOCKING strong but are not a "light" rim. They're lighter than the standard rims you get on 500's but it's the tradeoff you get when you buy wheels which are more likely to damage potholes than vice versa. We've got some 15x7 ones in gold on the wifes Subaru and they're a very handsome wheel. I think they'd actually look nice in gold with a white or silver 500. Silver would probably be the less "lookatme" option

Not a huge fan of the 2110's as they're quite an old design and I think you should always choose a design which is around the same age as your car. Whilst I like the 2118's on the wifes Mk1 Subaru Legacy Turbo I think the 2109's which I have spare would looks even nicer when they're refurbed.
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