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Re: 900t Restoration (Connie)

More progress this weekend...
  • New clutch fitted
  • Engine & gearbox reconnected
  • Arbarth exhaust fitted

As you can see from the photo's the original clutch was in pretty bad shape - the plate was down to the rivets (and was slipping very badly before Connie was taken off the road).

The clutch is a slightly different design but all the sizes match up so I'm hoping all will be well - I've also fitted a new thrust bearing (allthough the existing one hardly looked used).

Fitting the Abarth 4 branch manifold & exhaust required a bit of fettling. I needed to file down the right-had side of the manifold a couple of millimetres to clear the casting for the distributor (I've smoothed everything off to reduce stress points).

The downpipes to exhaust were 0.5 cm out of alignment and needed a bit of persuading to join together. I used a combination of clamps and linked jubilee clips (see picture) to allow them to slide together. The exhaust mounting brackets need a little bit of bending to align with the new exhaust.

I had originally intended to leave the exhaust & manifold off until after I'd re-fitted the engine but as it had been a real pain to align up I've left them fitted. This made the wrapping of the manifold more fiddly. I'm hoping that the heat insulating tape will help keep the engine bay temperature down a bit.

Here's the engine, gearbox and drive shafts back together ready to go back in.

However, I've a few more jobs to do while I've got space in the engine bay and under the van before putting the engine back in - need warmer/better weather for this as it will be outside.

I suspect that I will probably regret not taking the time to give the engine and gearbox a proper clean & polish and paint job (2 days after Connie is back on the road). However, I'm now at the point that I just want her running and useable again and a good wire brushing all over will suffice for now.
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