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This years Holiday.

We've just got back from a week in Scotland with 500L and I was very pleased with how it fared.
We live on the Derby/Nottingham border and were holidaying in the western Isles, so a good ol trek up there on every type of road you can think of.
Also half way through the holiday we packed up the car and drove over to Loch Ness for a couple of days and drove the entire circumference of the Loch.

Our bus is a 66 plate 1.4 petrol and I had a full service before we went.

First thing I must say was how comfortable it was for this long 8 hour drive to where we were staying.
The drive was nice and relaxed, and the car kept up with the traffic without feeling lacking. The large airy cabin helped this relaxed feel as we had plenty of room and the upright driving position meant that I got out at the other end feeling quite fresh rather than having to pour myself out of the door.

The one thing that impressed me was the fuel consumption.
We drove long stints on the motorway, not flashing down the outside lane at stupid speeds but always keeping at whatever the general traffic was going at- usually between 70-80 mph. mainly on cruise control.
We also had a good selection of A and B roads with some long ascents on them. Never did the car feel under powered as some people on here have said.

The final trip mileage for the whole journey was just over 1,100 miles and this was achieved on just over 2 tanks of fuel.

The trip computer showed 49.3 mpg for the whole week and working this out manually It's not far out.

Very pleased with the overall trip.
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Re: This years Holiday.

If only my Fiat 500L could do that

I average 40mpg on the motorway and 30mpg in town on the 1.3 Diesel.

I used to get 40 in town and 60+ on the motorway.

Since the last service at Fiat in 2017, they must have updated the engine's map to be more realistic for the emissions test - the oil air and pollen filters are all changed with oil changed as well. The car doesn't do a lot of dpf regens so I assume its pretty clean,

These problems are correlated to either the Fiat servicing or the fact I got a pair of ecocontact tyres in the front and crossclimate at the back. Advice: do not use crossclimate tyres - even if it's just a pair :/ I got a deal with brand-new Goodyear tyres for 30 for three just awaiting for another and hopefully its the tyres and not some ecu update the Fiat techs have done. Driving style is the same with ecodrive saying I am in the greens.

(by the way a couple of months after the so-called service, I did one myself and guess what, the filters were full on black - these were not touched at all!) I do not trust the dealerships at all, there are probably good ones as I cannot comment for all of them.

For comfort yeah its great I used a Toyota Prius and damn it was bumpy as heck
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