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Wink Re: Wing mirror removal.

1) Remove triangular cover around adjust joystick. I used a 12" plastic ruler, there is one fastening at the top and one at the bottom, so stick the ruler in all the way until you hit these then pull towards you (don't lever). Disconnect the joystick and you are left with this:

Curse FIAT for hiding the connector and a bolt just behind the top of the door card

2) Remove the tweeter grille. So that you don't damage the grille use a very small allen key and hook the end over the left hand side of the grille and pull towards you, when this side is disengaged use your hands to gently pull it off.

Just behind the left hand side of the door handle is a cap head machine screw, remove this as it's holding the door card on.

3) Next thing to remove is the switch unit. Remove the screw cover in the handle / "ash tray" and undo the cap head machine screw. Place a piece of thin card on the faux leather so that you don't damage it, put your 12 ruler on top and get both in under the back and sides of the back (near the handle) of the switch unit and pull it up slightly. There is one fastener at the front (LHS on below photo), two opposite each other near the front window switches and another pair slightly further back. The two further back IIRC pull out and the front pair and the single in front of the switch unit are latched so you need to push these in with the head of your small allen key and they disengage. You can tell which these are by pulling the switch unit up slightly and seeing if you see some flat shiny metal - these are the type that need pushing in to disengage. Pull out the switch unit gently and disconnect the connector, you are left with this:

3) Kneel down and you will see two cap head screws to undo where the switch unit was, you can just see them at the top of the hole in the above photo.

4) Undo the 2 phillips screws on the right of the door card.

5) Starting on the left or right hand side near the bottom get your 12" ruler underneath the door card and pop out a barbed plastic fastner. Once you get one you can pull out the rest by pulling the door card with your hands (marigolds recommended so your fingers don't hurt). At this stage a bodyshop would be using a big flat blade screwdriver and scratching your door. It can be done by hand.

6) Once the barbed fastenings are pulled out slightly raise the door card and disengage it off the inside of the window scraper. Holding the card on with your knees, leave a small gap and disconnect the tweeter cable and door handle cable. Remove the door card. Looks like this now:

7) Disconnect the electrical connection to the door mirror. Holding onto the mirror undo the two bolts holding the mirror on and change the mirror.

8) Reverse the process and it should soon look like this again:

9) Remove the body coloured cover from the old mirror and put it on the new mirror.

10) Lunch time
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