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Re: Dualogic 500L

Quote Originally Posted by DaveFormula View Post

Thank you for the feedback on the manual gearbox I may end up with one as a Lemon Law remedy I have read about some odd behaviour when reversing up a hill, something to do with the clutch and pressure plate That does trouble me a bit yet the 2015 model year has not arrived here. Are they available there?

With regard to the debut of the 500L into the U.S. market, I agree with you I hope that the reputation can be salvaged. The 500L is a wonderful car, sans the Dodge Dart gearbox.

I first saw them in France in October 2013 and immediately wanted one. I later found out that FIAT was starting to sell them in the US

I did a little research, not enough I suppose, on the vehicle. For example I d/l the app for this forum on my iPhone and monitored the conversations I also looked at Unfortunately the FIAT you have is not the same thing that was unleashed here.
I haven't heard or read about any issues with regards to reversing with the manual transmission. Ours is regularly reversed out of our drive which is an admittedly very shallow short incline but we have never ever had a problem. But that is not a rigorous test I admit.

I'm sure the 2015 models must be available now though I haven't checked. That said much of the attention on the 500 is focussed on the X over here at the moment with it's imminent launch due. In fact dealers are inviting contact now regarding the 'opening edition'.
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