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Re: Wheel Help Please

Quote Originally Posted by fused View Post

Just unpacked the wheel from tire rack.

It fits very nicely in the boot on its side.

The shelf that comes with the car won't fit in its slot but does sit fine on top of the tire. These are 45s, wide tires.

I will ride around with it for a few days back and forth to work but don't anticipate any problems.
For long trips, I feel way better.

Tire rack includes the centering rig, lugs and mounting and balancing at no extra cost.

This mission is completed...

Fiat still has no inventory for full size rims. God help anybody who breaks one.

And last I read, the plant where they make these cars can't move product. Some kind of strike? Not the plant but the transportation people? Blocking roads and railways? Wow, like Fiat needed that right about now? Ouch!

PS: Weight of the rim is 23lbs.
Shipping weight was 49lbs.
Thanks for the final update.

Mmmm... industrial action affecting 500L distribution. Somewhat ironic given the reason they don't produce the L in Italy was due to labour relation problems with their own workforce....
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Re: Wheel Help Please

Ok, for the trip, just put the tire behind the passenger seat....on the floor. Perfect snug fit and its not going anywhere....

Put the back seat all the way back, front seat up a little, dropped tire in, put front seat all the way back.... Yep, its a winner.

One thing though, as everybody knows new tires do have that rubber got a heavy trash bag that fits this nicely...then used a tie wrap to close the bag.

Looked for a tire sack but they all were open on the sides... This way, its sealed.

AND if we should need it, the dirty tire that comes off the car goes in the bag.

This problem is 100% resolved....of course not by FIAT, but completely by the customer.

As far as I know, the spares from FIAT are just a trickle... Many unhappy customers bugging the heck out if their service manager....
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