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Re: Why Twinair never really worked

Quote Originally Posted by 306maxi View Post
In 2003 they did a cracking job. But I canít think of many companies are still using a platform/architecture from 2003 that isnít heavily heavily modified or hasnít been replaced once or twice since then.

The VW Golf for instance has gone through 3 versions in this time and will have a new version next year. The Mk7 golf you can buy today is far removed from the Mk5 that debuted in 2003. The Panda is very much like the Panda you could buy in 2003...
It's an old, old design, and getting older by the day.

The platform has been hugely successful for Fiat, in Panda form in Europe, and in 500 form in the UK. But there's a well-known adage in business: "Whatever it was that got you to where you are today, will not be sufficient to keep you there".

"Just 'cos you're not paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you"

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Re: Why Twinair never really worked

Quote Originally Posted by varesecrazy View Post
To be honest I have not had ePAS trouble either.. but its a recurring theme in most days forum traffic.


Our 2004 panda has been so good..over 14 years of ownership.. it gave me the confidence to buy my twinair..

Also been very good.
Thats good and fingers crossed for zero future issues. As with all car makes and models, its very much luck of the draw as to whether you get a good'un or a lemon.
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