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Unhappy Fiat 500 - Dualogic gearbox shifting into neutral downshifting from 5th to 4th auto.


My Fiat is in trouble...Dualogic trouble...Please help...

Car in question: 2013 Fiat 500 Sport with approx 45,000kms (27,000miles) on the clock. Purchased off of original owner...Full Service History...

It would be much appreciated if someone could provide some insight/thoughts into my Fiat 500's Dualogic issues at hand - As the transmission "specialists" are perplexed...

So, whilst driving the car, it often shifts into neutral generally when downshifting from 5th to 4th in auto mode (seems to be when cold or not completely warmed up, and more prone when not in Sport mode?) .

The other fairly major issue I had was its refusal to move/shift into gear from stand-still. This happened just the night after the car randomly decided to shift into neutral while driving down a busy city street! According to the transmission place, the moving issue is *currently* "cured" by a software reset...for the moment)

It has now been off the road for 2+ months thanks to such Dualogic issues.

The transmission "specialists" are only now, starting to "pull everything apart", after I finally managed to get them to replicate the issue whilst driving them around town, and convinced them that resetting the Dualogic system over and over again was not going to resolve it.

I have mechanical breakdown insurance (thank god) so the issue is not going to be paying for the repair, but more working out what is wrong...As I say, they are completely lost! I am concerned that the transmission specialist's lack of knowledge is going to cause further delays...Unfortunately though, it is the only transmission place within 400+kms.

Any insight/thoughts are very much appreciated - Or mentioning of knowledgable Dualogic places in NZ (if anyone knows of some).

Cheers and hi from cold New Zealand.
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Re: Fiat 500 - Dualogic gearbox shifting into neutral downshifting from 5th to 4th au

Dualogic faults are so common that we have a special thread for this; I'll move your post across.

Please continue the discussion here.

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