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Temperature Sensor Issues

Hello everyone,

I've been having some issues with my Fiat 500 which has just under 80 000 km on the clock.

About a month and a half ago, the thermocouple housing cracked, the coolant leaked out, I overheated in traffic and blew the head gasket. This was repaired and I drove it for about a day before I started hearing a growling noise every time I accelerated. I then realised that the noise went away when the aircon was off, and the diagnosis was that the aircon compressor had blown (incidentally at a similar time to the other issues).

The latest issue is that some warning lights come on. They are; check engine, hill assist unavailable, ESP unavailable, ABS unavailable, and the coolant temperature gauge has disappeared. The car has also started misfiring immediately after a cold start, and the fuel efficiency is terrible. Clearly the coolant temperature sensor is faulty considering that it doesn't read a temperature at all, and from a bit of Googling it seems like this could cause the other symptoms (misfiring, fuel efficiency etc.). It is going in to the garage on Thursday morning, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had similar issues?

Thanks a million!
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Re: Temperature Sensor Issues

Wow-sounds like a pain
1-theromocouple is a well known weak point and can be rectified by installing a metal one, not the crap plastic one fiat fit-shame you blew the gasket but you have to stop as soon as the overheat is spotted

2-if the temperature gauge is faulty, it will play havoc with the ecu-all engine parameters are sourced by using the outdoor temperature as a base point
Has it come unplugged?

3-growling sounds like air in the system (especially as head gasket has been redone-did they bleed it?)
4 -to save monumental unnneded cost, get the codes read
5-Good luck!
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