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My 2010 Black Fiat 1.2 Sport

My Fiat 500 Sport I bought in March this year a October 2010 model with a confirmed and checked mileage of 17050 has just had its year service. Since purchase I have only covered 2000 miles! During this period the front suspension was noisy and it developed a knocking noise when turning right which when diagnosed was the N/S outer CV joint and during that check also the front suspension top mounts were worn plus the top cups full of rust. Fortunately I'm lucky the guy who does my servicing is a Alfa/Fiat Master Engineer who I have known over many years and he does the work for me and I buy my own parts. I had covered the top cups earlier but the damage was done and the top suspension nuts had to be "cracked" to undo them ! Since the service its like driving a newish car again the knocking obviously gone and the front suspension so much quieter The metal of the new top cups I painted both sides with Hammerite now covered with the appropriate covers via Ebay plus I have sealed them on with Marine silicone rubber sealant to stop any ingress of water . The point of my thread is when its Fiat you can buy problems. Now 82 I've owned a few Fiats a pre-war Topolino in 1955 where the crown wheel bolts used to shear and who had heard of metric nuts and bolts let alone spanners etc! a Fiat cinquecento sporting which was fun but lifted its head ! and a Punto 1.3 JTD needed an new electric steering but fantastic mpg.
But I have to say problems or not I love this little Fiat 500 sporting better than all the Mercs ,Lotus and Alfa's etc I've had and I'm not having a "senior moment " I don't think ? Ian
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Re: My 2010 Black Fiat 1.2 Sport

Good to hear you're enjoying your car!

At the end of the day, every car will have problems - and common ones at that. What matters is:

- Can you identify them?
- Are the easy to fix?
- Are they expensive to fix?

I think the more expensive brands can be better at pretending problems don't exist, rather than being immune to them.
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