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Re: Cabriolet, how often/thoroughly do you wash/maintain the roof?

Quote Originally Posted by cbastus View Post
Stab in the dark: Maybe it's for parking vouchers and such? Here in Europe we usually are obliged to have a valid parking voucher/special needs card on the driver's side of the front windscreen where such apply.
That's a good point, I hadn't considered that.
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Re: Cabriolet, how often/thoroughly do you wash/maintain the roof?

Quote Originally Posted by 44sunsets View Post

BTW, for those wondering about the purpose of the car cover for the 500C: it's mainly to protect the fabric roof from UV damage. Eventually the sun will break down the waterproof membrane. Oh, and the cover saves you from having to clean up bat/bird poop all the time. Plus keeping your car's interior cooler during summer means you don't step into an oven when you take your bundle of joy for a spin

The treatments mentioned above protect from uv and replace the hydrophobic coating, mine is getting to the point it needs redoing, at the moment when it rains the water appears to soak into the fabric, when freshly treated it will bead up on top of the material.

Also things like bird poop doesn't stick to it so will wipe off in seconds with a cloth or bird poop wipes which I have in the boot.

Finally, if I want to take the car for a drive and it is very hot inside, I press a little button and the roof is gone and all of the air that was outside the car is now inside and all the hot air has gone from inside the car.... That's basically the point of having a convertible??
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