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Re: New prospective 500 owner

How many people feel they are being pounced on because you say hello to them.

I get it all the time I'll be at my desk doing some paper work or on FF or something. Somebody is standing right next to my desk looking at the 500 right beside say hello ask them if they are alright, and you get this look of absolute disgust or horror like you have just tried to pickpocket their wallets. Luckily that only happens a couple times a day. Or it could be quite depressing.

Best one was saying hello and the immediate reaction was " I'M JUST LOOKING LEAVE ME ALONE!". From what I gathered after the person had left, two other guys had said hello to them whilst the person walked by them.

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Re: New prospective 500 owner

must admit when I go into a shop (normally happens in currys/comets etc) & I see someone come up to me it annoys me. If I need help i'll ask for it however as I normally look like a tramp these days with sleep deprevation I rarely get asked now cause they think I have no money.......which I dont
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