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Exclamation Everything you need to know about the 500 section

well done for finding the best Fiat information site on the net

But we have more to offer than that, whilst you are here why not have a look around the site to see how the whole community of owning a fiat is.

start by saying hello to every one in the newbies section HERE

Have a look at our events section HERE We have a fiat forum stand at many shows of diffrent types from just Italian to massive all car shows with over 15,000 people attending.

we also have friendly small meets and meal meets, and a big weekend get together at Butlins every year.
Every one is made welcome at all meets, so dont be shy, get your name down and come along.

we also have a gallery where you can see photos of past events an also members own photos, you may also use this to host photos your self HERE

We have a Leisure Lounge section, where you can post and talk about any thing you like (almost) HERE Pop in and join the crazy people.

Theres also the 500 social group HERE

If you have any questions on how to use the site, or want to know if there is some thing you want to post but are not sure if its allowed then feel free to private message any of the staff in this list HERE

We also have a games Arcade HERE Lots of games for the whole family in there

And we also have a free (for non traders) Classifieds section for you to buy and sell stuff Here

I almost forgot, the Fiat Forum shop HERE have a look, we have a lot of quality items in there.

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Blue and Me issues or questions?

Blue and Me is a Fiat and Microsoft developed system.
It is currently found in the 500, Grande Punto, Bravo and a simple version is found in the Panda.

As this is the case there has been a complete section made for just Blue & Me!

All questions about the system should therefore be posted in the Blue & Me section.

Remember other sections have been using the system for a while now, and in the case of the Grande Punto there will proberly be more cars with the system fitted than there will be 500 on the roads. So rather than post here in the 500 section please use the Blue & Me section as the wealth of experience and knowledge will be much higher.

Also if you don't use that section I'll be forced to delete or move posts myself and I'm too lazy not to be annoyed by that!

Blue & ME Section
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Exclamation How to report posts if you find them offensive


The 500 section is becoming a lot stricter. For your own benefit, read what's below, take it in and think before you post.

If someone insults you or says something offensive, take the following steps;

-Report the post using the button on the bottom left of the post that says 'Report this post', providing a reason. This can then be seen by the moderators (Including me) and it WILL BE DEALT WITH BY US.

-Either post a reply to the original topic at hand, ignoring the insult, or just leave the topic. You do NOT need to retaliate.

If you post a reply to an insult that is insulting back, you will both be treated in the same way regardless of who started the argument or who posted the worst insult. Respect other people's opinions as you'd like to have yours respected. If you don't agree with someone, don't resort to calling them names as you'll make yourself look like an idiot.

We're all respectable adults here and I'm sure we wouldn't act like this if we all met up, so why do it on a forum?
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Exclamation [500 FORUM GUIDE] Read this before posting

Above you will find all the information you need on this section of the forum, the forum in general, and the 500 as a Fiat model. If you have any suggestions for anything to add to this guide, then please PM me, do not start another topic.

This thread is used to ensure all topics go in the right section and that people are aware of the rules of the forum etc.

Before continuing it might be worth checking out the Rules of the Fiat Forum so you don't end up making mistakes that could lead to your profile gaining infractions and, in the worst case scenario, a ban.

The posts above should give you all you need to know. If you need to know anything else don't hesitate to PM me or another moderator.
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