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126 bis tool kit.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
I went to classified, parts wanted, but 126 wasn't on there. Anyway.

Has anyone got a Fiat 126 bis tool box, complete and still in its plastic box that they want to sell?

Many thanks
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Re: 126 bis tool kit.

All the older Fiats I've worked on seemed to have the same toolkit in a plastic box.
These toolkits are often advertised on Ebay under e.g. Classic Fiat Tools.
(at sometimes exhorbitant prices!).

Just mentioning this as you might find what you're looking for from a different model Fiat. Some other members are I'm sure experts on the 126 bis and can advise you if the above is true or not. Some might even have a spare toolkit to help you out!

The tools I remember are:-

8 x 10 mm open end spanner

13 x 17 mm open end spanner

8 x 10 mm box spanner with built in T bar

21mm plug spanner

Tapered drift/bar to turn plug spanner

Wheelbrace 19mm, 'L' shaped with screwdriver end to remove hubcaps

Screwdriver with reversible blade, straight slot + No.2 Philips (screwdriver handle was wooden on older models, black plastic on later models)

All the above fitted into a grey plastic box.

Vehicle jack was usually a pillar type with a side arm which fitted into a jacking tube just under the sill. The length/height of these jacks varied a little between models. Some other models e.g. 124 coupe used a Scissors type jack in a (front or rear) jacking point under the sill.

I'd be interested to hear if I've omitted anything or if anyone has encountered anything different with older Fiat models.

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