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Pollen filter - how to remove
The pollen filter is meant to be changed at every service interval but it's only done as an additional customer expense and not included with the service. It really gets surprisingly clogged so reduces heater blower efficiency.<br />
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Re: Pollen filter - how to remove

I went to replace the pollen filter since I had weak airflow from the vents. Turned out that the plate covering the filter was missing and half or more of the airflow blew on the inside of the footwell. Had a bunch of leaves all over there. Some smuck had left the plate out. Had to use ducktape to seal the hole after I replaced the filter. Now the fan blows 100 times better!


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Re: Pollen filter - how to remove

Hey, I've been trying to remove the panel on picture 2 but I can't get it off. Those screws can't be removed with a screwdriver so do I have to use force or is there a quick way of removing them?
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