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Old 20-05-2014 10:21
Description: A Short Shifter is a linkage on the gearbox which shortens the gear throw (shift distance to cover when shifting) from one gear to the next gear.

Not to confuse with actualy shortening the lenght of the gear stick itselve. (which other companies supply).
The factory gear stick will always kept untouched. Our shorteners will only shorten the gear throw distance.

With a MTech shortening kit, you will have a shortened gear shift throw by aprox. 40 till 50%. (denpending on car model and type)
The shortened gear shifts are sportier and more precise than original.
You are now able to shift much faster from one gear to the other gear.
Which makes much better driving performance possible by saving time between gear changes.
It drives alsmost like a sequential gearbox. ``Klick-klack``.
All gears follow each other directly.

Available for Fiat 500 models and many more!
Category: Tuning
Tags: short shifter, quick shifter, MTech, Opel Tuning, fiat 500 Tuning, buick tuning, OPC, VXR
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