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Free UK fuel prices. 9,688 petrol stations covered Link Options
Old 02-05-2009 18:47
Description: Not my site, but thought I should submit this, it's useful for finding cheap fuel across the UK.

The website offers an easy to use interface allowing you to enter your postcode to find fuelling stations in your locality and list them in order of price. Clever, huh?

The site is updated on a regular basis to reflect changes to petrol prices in each station across the UK. It collects data from a wide variety of branded stations such as Asda, BP, Texaco, Shell and some independant retailers.

You will need to register to find out which petrol stations are offering the cheapest prices.
If you choose not to register, you will only be shown the cheapest prices in your area and not the petrol stations in which these prices relate to.

I recommend a trip to today.
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