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FIAT Manuals & OBD 2 Link Options
Old 15-01-2015 08:33
Description: FIAT Manuals torrent,fault codes OBD
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Re: FIAT Manuals & OBD 2

Marea manual is in a cryllic language.

Marea Weekend 2002 Saint Moritz JTD 110 The thread
Marea Weekend 1999 ELX TD100 (DECEASED head gasket failure)
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Re: FIAT Manuals & OBD 2

After I change the cambelt,set the cam,when I start the car the idle just go through the roof.How can I adjust the idling
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Re: FIAT Manuals & OBD 2

Usually this is caused by:-

1. An air leak on the inlet (try this first - use a tube to listen for sucking sounds around the throttle body/inlet manifold - then spray WD40 nearby and see if the revs change - if so you have a leak)

2. A sticky throttle cable (check you have not rerouted the cable)

3. A faulty Idle control valve (try this last as it costs money).
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