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Want to be able to edit your own custom title under your username? Want to get access to special offers only for donatees? Want some extra space for uploading your photos? Or more importantly, want to help keep the FIAT Forum running?

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All together 5186 donations have been made totalling 22,756.04
The largest ever donation was 99.99 on the 25/11/2010 by rallycinq

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13/06/2004The Negotiator5.00Cheers for doing the advert for me I couldn't be more thankful!

I wish I could donate more but I am a poor student without a job yet!

Regards and thanks again.

08/06/2004Donz20.00to help with future costs
24/05/2004Morty Mort5.00
21/05/2004surfin_fella5.00I said I'd donate at some point!
02/04/2004sammiboo10.00NICE FORUM ;0)
17/03/2004Dr_Pepper5.00Hi mate great site don't mind donating a bit since I probably won't donate much useful information!
16/03/2004bozzy10.00Please accept a small donation for the upkeep of the site. Well done and thanks for the help.
09/02/2004weta5.00It's not much, but I hope it helps.
24/01/2004Nuova5005.00Thought Id donate, only registered yesterday!
18/01/2004Bushboy5.00Keep up the great work on the site mate!
16/01/2004custard5.00hi ben,as promised my family wealth
16/01/2004Stu DemonD10.00