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Facebook Style User Tagging

Posted 12-03-2012 at 14:05 by ben

I haven't written a blog entry for a while, even though I've been working on things, so sorry about that.

Anyway, for this entry I'll introduce the new user tagging feature to you.

It's pretty simple actually, but basically allows you to "mention" people in posts by putting a @ mark, then their username. This will then automatically alert them using the forum notification system and also hyperlink their name.

So a simple example is tagging myself in a post, just by entering @ben

Hash Tagging
Also with this mod comes the hash tagging capability. This works the same was as Twitter - you enter a # mark, followed by the title of the topic, followed by a ; (semi colon).

Although it's pretty similar to the current forum tagging system, this way allows tags per post, rather than whole thread. YOu can then click on a linked tag to view all the posts tagged on the site - or subscribe to tags to be able to follow a topic.

Tag Subscriptions is done in the Usercp:
And to view them, you can go here:

Quote Notifications
If someone quotes you in a post - you will now get an alert (via the normal forum alert system)

I don't like it / Too many people are tagging me / etc etc
All the alerts can be customised in the usercp ( - you can set it so you are only notified if your friends tag/quote/mention you - or just turn them off altogether
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    blu73's Avatar
    Ben how do you tag someone who has a space in their user name. Just using the @ in front of their name just picks the name upto the space and thus doesn't work that way.

    I presume you need to use the mention tag in advanced edit but i'm being blonde and can't make that work either
    Posted 13-05-2013 at 11:01 by blu73 blu73 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Yea! tagging is very important factor in any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Tagging works in search result.
    Posted 29-06-2017 at 00:39 by jackjones24 jackjones24 is offline