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Re: starting issues after sitting long period of time

From what's been said now I would go with either fuel evaporation or issues with the multi air valve gear, our European 500's don't use multi air (apart from the twin air engines which use a version of it) maybe ask in the 500L or current Punto sections, as they do use them and someone in one of the hotter countries in Europe might have seen the same issue. Hope you get to the bottom of it!
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Re: starting issues after sitting long period of time

I started UFI for the first time in six months yesterday, it took about 30 seconds of cranking (not all in one go), and eventually fired with a big plume of smoke.

I'm going to guess it's down to the Multi/ Uni Air system.

My Jeep by comparison can sometimes sit for 12 months but will still fire within seconds and without any other issues.
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Re: starting issues after sitting long period of time

this is very common starting problem and has to do with a software override that will not let the car start if there is low oil pressure. your dealer has an updated you should have been notified by mail. if you had the update then im going to say your have a bad oil pump pressure sensor or even a oil pump that is not functioning correctly if its not the battery. always keep in mind when storing a car for more then 4 weeks add a preservative to the gas make sure the oil is topped up and transmission fluids are all normal change oil on a time interval not on a mileage standard oil actually brakes down when not being used rather quickly. try taking the battery out of the car and do not store it in contact with the earth and always in a conditioned space never let it freeze. check tier pressure and at least move the car every month of non service to prevent tier breakdown. i know more then you asked but it never hurts to remind people that storing a car for more then 2 weeks is hard on it
i had an after though that i think is very critical and that is moisture if you live any place where it rains and that is for most of us. moisture can get into the components of a car when it is stored. fuel, oils brake fluid are all susceptible to moisture contamination you might have some old seals that are cracked or in poor condition allowing moisture to collect in the fuel system this can contribute to poor start ups. when we drive our cars the heating cycle helps to evaporate some of the monster that collects so naturally when a car sits it can develop moster related issues also do not by cheap fuel off branded fuels are often contaminated by poor production and or handling
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